Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heel Spurs and Vicodin

Ran a race on Saturday. The Brunwick Police Department "Hot Pursuit" 5K. I logged the best 5K time ever and shaved two minutes off my PR. Feeling good, walking tall. Came home, showered, went to the grocery, proceeded with a productive Saturday, thrilled with my accomplishment. Then at around 1:00 AM on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, it happened. pain. searing pain. My heel was protesting my PR in the 5K and how! It felt like someone was taking a knife and plunging it into my heel. Attempts to "walk it off" were futile. I couldn't put any pressure on it at all. Up all night in pain, popping Advil, like tic-tacs, and it didn't even touch the pain. By 10:00 AM Sunday, I was off to the ER rather than to 11:00 AM Mass at St. John's. X rays revealed a big ugly heel spur that looks like the nose of the wicked witch of the west. My pain, due to inflammation around the "spur" from my PR in the 5K. Crap!
They sent me home with crutches, vicodin and strict instructions to ice and rest my sorry little heel.
The next two days are a drug induced haze. That vicodin is powerful and nasty stuff. Believe me, I was willing to put up with the incoherence because it beat the hell out of the ripping pain in my heel but jeez louise, the crazy dreams I was having were too much! Alligators, and monsters and murderers and crazy flying creatures.....all out to get me.......bizarro. Finally by day three of this crap, I went to the Podiatrist for a better treatment plan besides narcotic intoxication. Dr. S. was kind enough to give me a six day course of prednisone to calm the inflammation and a walking boot to ease the pressure. He assures me that in a few days, I will be on the mend and I should be lacing up my Mizuno's in a couple of weeks. As long as I follow his advice on my training and I let him fit my sneaks with Superfeet or orthotics, to protect my tender Plantar Fascia. No problemo Doc! We are in this together. So, I have added Dr. S. to my training team. He seems to be on board with what I am trying to accomplish here. Yay!
So, the good news is, I am starting to feel better. I am not addicted to Vicodin, so you won't see me on an upcoming edition of "Intervention" and I am getting back to my life. Amen. I am going to make it to church this weekend and pray for Dr. S. and my tender Plantar Fascia!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Are we raising a generation of morons?

We have three children. Ages fourteen, nine and five. My husband mentioned this evening that he is very concerned that our children don't know how to do anything for themselves. For example:
The two youngest went down to the playroom to play tonight and wanted to listen to music. So, the nine year old asks for her IPOD......sadly, it's not charged. How about a CD? No, don't like any of that music. So hubby says, "why don't you listen to the radio?" "How do you do that?" our nine year old asks. Now, fo shizzle, you and I knew how to work a radio when we were nine years old. How else would we have been able to listen to Casey Kasem's American Top Fourty? Hell, we even knew how to work the tape deck so we could record our favorite songs (Journey anyone?)
But, our nine year seriously had no clue how to work the radio. So, hubby gives specific instructions, look for the "radio on" button. Then use the "tuning knob" to set the station. He could have been speaking Swahili based on the look on this kid's face. She clearly didn't know what the hell a tuning knob was and she sure as hell didn't want to find out. But, she headed to the basement in earnest. Five minutes, later she returns, clearly frustrated. She can't find the Radio on button and forget about a tuning knob. So, of course hubby heads to the basement for a quick lesson in rudimentary radio operation.
Similar scenarios have occured at Parker's Nest with such complex items as......
"Setting the alarm clock"
"Turning on the stove"
and of course, the Coup de Gras.....
Running the Dishwasher.

Have mercy! Sure, my kids can get to any song on their ipod in twenty seven seconds, they can get to level 32 on Mario Kart for DS in a few minutes. My five year old has even mastered the complexities of PopTropica online but don't ask any of these kids to change a set of batteries in a flashlight or anything mechanical like that. It just ain't happening.
So what should I do? Hold a weekly "fend for yourself clinic" in the basement with the tribe? I think so. If anything should happen to Mark and I, these kids won't last 45 minutes on their own. Hell, they can't even find the milk in the fridge when it's staring right at them. (Funny, they always seem able to find the popsicles in the freezer-though)

Now, don't judge me. I love my children and they are three bright and articulate youngsters. But sometimes.....I wonder just what else I haven't taught them that I really should. Great, another thing to think about at night instead of sleeping. I am starting a list. Starting with the whole batteries in the flashlight thing!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Communication-It's not just for breakfast anymore

I have been thinking a lot about communication lately. Particularly how some people are so good at it and others are so not good at it. Understand, I am not speaking about the ability to communicate in an articulate manner. Anyone can put together pretty words. I am talking about the ability and courage to communicate what you are really feeling. I have been accused in my life of being "too direct." Several people I know (yes, you Mark) have been accused of having "no filter." In other words, whatever they are thinking comes tumbling out of their mouth. Now there are risks and rewards to being so forthcoming with communication. The risks are, of course, you will say something inappropriate, offend someone, hurt someone etc. The rewards are the people in your circle will certainly know where they stand and they also may find your "filterless" communication very amusing.
But, here's the deal. Throughout my life, people have claimed, that they want to know how I really feel, the want direct feedback, they want me to be honest with them. Then when you give them what they want.......they don't really want it. They get defensive and don't want to take accountability and own it.
And believe me, I am just as guilty of this as the next person. Mark and I have a very communicative relationship. I tell him that we talk things to death and beat the crap out of every subject. But there's great value to that because we always look at all the angles. But having such an open communicator for a husband, also means I sometimes hear more than I want to hear. And I am just as reticent as the next guy (girl) when I hear stuff that I don't want to hear. But it's better than the alternative, which is having to guess how someone really feels about your performance, attitude, cooking, lovemaking, bathroom habits, whatever.
So, I am going to continue to be a direct communicator, albeit continuing to focus on diplomacy and form in my communication. And I want others to do the same. I can take it! Can you?

By the way, I love you all and I thank god for blessing me with your friendship. There, that was a good first step wasn't it?

Friday, May 1, 2009


I just got back from a trip to Nashville. I went to the Opryland Hotel for a conference on Remote Deposit Capture (like you care?) Anyway, what a great time! We arrived on Sunday and since the conference didn't start until Monday, we headed out to Music Row on the "Honkytonk Express" The bus dropped us off in front of the Wild Horse Saloon and we were off to the races. At 3:00 pM on a Sunday afternoon, every bar was packed and had live country music. The music was outstanding. It was great to hear all these bands who were just trying to get their big break. We did the Tennessee pub crawl for about 4 hours and it was a complete hoot. Of course, being the old bags that we are (Bonnie and I) , we called it a night pretty early, not to say we didn't have a nice little buzz when we climbed back on the bus for the journey back to Opryland.
Monday was all business as we attended the sessions at the conference, but Monday night we went out with a group of new friends who were interested in gaining our business. (I love vendors). Dinner for 10 at the hotel restaurant and then off to the sports bar to watch the hockey game. It was a great group of people and we had a lot of laughs. At midnight, they called last call and kicked us out. Now, thinking back, we were all quite upset that the bar was closing "so early" and several folks were plotting how to continue to party. But alas, we all headed back to our rooms, quite well marinated. The next morning at breakfast, we all commented that we were so glad that the Hotel Bar had the good sense to close at midnight and send us back to our rooms before we got into any trouble or drank anymore. It's nice when the management has the good sense to do that.
Finally, on Tuesday night, Bonnie and I headed to the Grand Ole Opry. All I can say is wow, what an awesome time! It was like experiencing history. After the incredible show, we went back to the hotel for an planned early turn-in since we had to get up early for the trip home. But..........a quick stop at the hotel bar for a nightcap turned into a 2 hour laugh fest with some wonderful people at the bar, who happened to think I was Hilarious! You know how I love an audience, so suffice to say, we did not turn in early as planned. But as Bonnie and I sleepily boarded the shuttle to the airport, we both agreed that it was worth it. Sure, we were exhausted and I should probably schedule dialysis to get my kidneys functioning properly again, but what a great trip. And how was your week?