Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My stolen IPOD

About 2 weeks ago, my car was broken into. in my driveway! while I slept! Bastards. Anyway, they stole my GPS (I'll miss you Nigel) but, even worse, they stole my damn IPOD. So, my question is....how's that work? They can't hook it up to I-tunes, because it's already registered right? Could they wipe it clean and start over? Or are they destined to listen to my music for the rest of their days. Geez, I hope so. I would love to think that some crack addict who stole $3 bucks worth of spare change out of my husband's truck was destined to listen to my collection of Robert Goulet, followed by "Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch. Now there's some justice. Sure, they would probably rather listen to "'Timbaland" or "NeYO" or some other bulls*&% but instead they will have to hear "Convoy" by CW McCall or better yet, the original broadway cast recording of CATS! Yes, this is good. I imagine them sitting around the crack den, when all of a sudden, out of the IPOD speakers comes "Copacabana" then maybe a few choice selections from Dionne Warwick. Sure, they could listen to my running mixes and get a little Rihanna or some Coldplay, hell they might even joy my collection of Young MC and DJ Ez Rock with Rob Base. But you know they are going to be hating the Grease Soundtrack and the New Kids on the Block.
Of course, who am I kidding, they probably pawned the thing within 1 hour of stealing it. Still it's nice to dream. It makes me feel better about losing my 4 gigabytes of joy!

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