Thursday, April 9, 2009

Running 2 Fourty......where am I?

So, I was befelled by illness this week. Just totally run down and pooped out. I think my body just mas.....stop. I have felt like crap and all I want to do is sleep. Meanwhile, I have crossed over the "4 months until I am 40" threshold and I haven't seen the treadmill in over a week. The weather is getting nice, I should be out on the road, racking up the miles. Instead, I am laying in bed, searching for "hatchling" eggs on that stupid facebook app. I gotta get it in gear. It's not looking good for the "half" on memorial day. I am sure I will have no problem with the Patriot's Day 5 miler and the Mother's Day 5K will be a breeze. Hell, I should even be fine for B2B, but a half....I don't think I am even close to ready. So, what's an aging harrier to do? Find another race a little later in the summer, that's what! I have to be honest with myself. I am hell bent on doing a half to celebrate my passage into "40 and Fabulous" but I am a realist too. I just don't have the miles under my belt to get a half done by Memorial Day. And, I am ok with that. It's like Dory said in Finding Nemo, "just keep swimming." But, for me, it's "just keep running"
I will keep all of you (all three of you) posted when I pick my race. Waddle--Waddle

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Tobey said...

Hey Jill: I had issues with turning 40 last year as well...a friend at work suggested I do something on my because I am an avid Cowboys fan, i decided that my girlfriend and I would fly to Texas, so I could be sitting in Texas Stadium on Nov.23, (they happened to be at home against the 49ers on my birthday)watching my definitely eased the transition....I am glad i marked the day with a good memory...good luck with the training.....keep the faith....