Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Day One

I have decided to do nothing today. That's right, you heard me....absolutely nothing. I love New Years Day because it always symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start, the opportunity to right last year's wrongs. So, I feel I should lounge, relax and contemplate 2009 today and plan for 2010 through quiet meditation and sleep. Perhaps I will throw in a bit of PC Solitaire and a few games of word twist just to challenge my cranium a bit. Yes, this is a good idea. A day of pure relaxation.
Now, my motivation for doing this is not merely spiritual and esoteric. It's also because my liver and kidneys are currently working overtime to process the copious amounts of wine and champagne I imbibed with my pals last night as we rang in the new decade. I have, what the layman call, a hangover. And at 40 years old, hangovers hurt. Way more than they did at 20. So I think it's best to allow my tender organs recover. I must pull a Gloria Swanson and "take to my bed" for the day. I hope to rise around 5:00 ish and have some noodle soup or something. Then, around 7 tonight, I think a long soak in the tub might be in order with the most recent copy of people magazine.
Yes, 2010 is shaping up to be a fantastic year!

God bless you all this the first of a glorious new year!

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