Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekends were made for Michelob...

Remember that commercial? What the hell happened to Michelob? I don't know anyone who drinks Michelob anymore. Sure, there are plenty of girls who drink Mich Ultra to keep their carbs down (note to those girls, it's not the Mich Ultra that will make you fat, it's the big plate of Nachos that you have with it). But seriously, where is regular old Michelob? While we're at it, how bout these beers?
Old Milwaukee --I guess it really did get better than this
Schaeffer--The one beer to have when your having more than one
Busch--Why does "head for the mountains of Busch" seem so inappropriate now.
Miller- "When it's time to relax, one beer stands clear, beer after beer" Again, encouraging binge drinking...feels wrong.
Milwaukees Best and Meister Brau--these beers were so cheap they couldn't afford a slogan or a commercial.

Thinking back on wine too, remember when people's idea of fine wine was Carlo Rossi? If you really wanted to impress people at the holidays you broke out the Almaden or some Pink Catawba. There was a solid decade in the 90's where most of my wine consumption came out of a Franzia box. (me likey the box o wine)
But now, it appears our tastes have matured. Now, my fridge is usually stocked with Heineken and Corona. I rarely drink wine that comes in bottles bigger than 750 ml....except for my favorite Pinot Grigio from Cavit. Does that mean I'm a snob? No it means that as I matured, I realized that booze didn't have to taste like crap. When you are going through your jeans looking for quarters to buy some beer, Heineken is out of the question...the 12 pack of Meister Brau Kinkers is the way to go.

Since I am feeling a bit nostalgic may be I'll pick up some Franzia for next week's Jet's-Colts game.....or perhaps a six pack of Michelob. I think I'll throw on some leggings, a big sweater and a banana clip too...what the hell. Whose coming over?

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Andy Gehrisch said...

Can I wear my straight leg stone washed Levi's tucked behind the tongue of my sneakers which are untied, 2 polo shirts under my button up shirt and gel in my hair like Cory Feldman?

I'll bring the Doritos and Marlboro Lights.....