Saturday, January 2, 2010

On the Train!

Michaela and I are currently on the downeaster train to Boston. We boarded in Portland about an hour ago and we are about halfway there. I must say, train travel is really underrated. This is a great way to go. Big spacious seats in coach class, a cafe car that serves toasted bagels, a friendly conductor who stops at every seat and offers boston information and directions. The airlines could take a lesson. Of course, I also heard Amtrak makes no money, so maybe they don't have the right financial strategy. However, as far as travel to boston, I am sold on the Downeaster. This is fantastic! I sit here blogging and sipping a cup of Green Mountain coffee watching the snow covered scenery out the window. Lovely.
Well, there's a blizzard headed to Maine. It should hit tonight and could make my return trip a bit hairy. The good news is, I am a "go with the flow" kinda gal. I brought a pair of clean underwear and my toothbrush just in case I get stuck somewhere. (isn't that clever of me?)
So for now we will just amble along the railway to Boston, hoping that Michaela's flight is going to take off. If not, there's always Copley Plaza shopping :-)!!

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