Tuesday, January 19, 2010

B90X---Serious Bible Reading

I think I have blogged before about my desire to invest more in the spiritual side of my life. In the past twelve months, I have been much more committed to my spirtuality and I am making my church and prayer a much a bigger part of my life. Now, I know some of you are saying, "jeez this woman is a walking contradiction!" And, indeed folks I am to some degree. I love a good party, I am an assertive confident gal who loves a good off color joke and has been known to use the F word on occasion (perhaps too many occasions) but deep down, I love my god and he loves me. To some of you it may seem hard to believe, but I spend a good deal of my time praying.
So, to that end, I have decided to read the bible....from cover to cover....the whole thing...in 90 days. Why? Because I can. Because I should. Because I am drawn to it for some reason. I have been a sometimes practicing, sometimes lapsed Catholic (currently practicing) for 40 years and I have never really read the bible. Sure, I know some passages, like those ones that they always read at weddings and the ones about Christ's birth and the Crucifixion, but I have the feeling that I have missed alot of chapters. Who the heck was Hebbekuk? How in heaven's name did the sons of Cain and Abel live for 850 years. What's a cubit. These are questions I have and perhaps they will be answered...perhaps not.
So, I found this B90X plan which is a program to read the bible in 90 days. A facebook friend turned me onto it. So, you guys know me...I say "No time like the present" and I started reading in earnest.
And this really is a "Good Book" It's got everything magic, love, betrayal, vengeance, all of it...and that's just the first chapter. Sounds like a page turner...Amen.

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