Sunday, March 15, 2009

A bad mommy moment.....and then....redemption.

I am a bit concerned about my memory lately. Sure, I can still remember every line to the movie "Airplane" and the song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant." But, when it comes to day to day life, it seems I can't remember anything and I seem to be getting things really wrong lately. My brain is not working properly, that's for sure. This was evidenced by a horrifying "bad mommy moment" that i had earlier today. In the interest of therapy and hopefully to inspire others, I am going to share my story with you fine people.
Three weeks ago, Matthew, my 5 year old received an invitation for his "bestest friend" Weston Cooper's birthday party. The invitation was an "evite" ya know one of those cool online invitations that you just respond online and say you are coming? So, that's what we did. We responded in the affirmative and went on with our lives.
About a week ago, I went back into the evite website to confirm the party and to forward the evite to my cell phone so that I would have all the details saved on the blackberry. I felt so hip and cool (it's all I got people!) Yesterday, we went shopping and bought Weston some really cool Lego's and Matty and I wrapped the gift with significant flourish. This morning, Matty woke up and I even managed to get him into the tub with minimal argument because he was looking forward to Weston's party.
After church, Matty and I got in the car, ready to head west to Lisbon for the party. That's when it happened. I looked at my cell phone. Just to confirm the party time and place. That's when my heart sank. That's when I wanted to cry. That's when I realized, the party was..........yesterday.
Heartsick, I told Matty. He was a little bummed, but he definitely took it much better than I did. He asked several questions like, "what day is the birthday party?" and "what day is today?" I think he wanted to make sure I had looked at all the angles. He probably figured, I could be getting it wrong so he better make sure. So we drove home. I was pretty upset and felt like a failure.
But, this is where being a mom is so freaking cool. When we got home, Matty asked me, "Mommy since you forgot about Weston's party and I didn't get to go, do you think I could have his Lego's?" I told him no and he said, "that's ok, then can we bake cookies." Yes. That we can do! So out came the sugar, butter, oats etc and we made a kickin batch of "Oapmeal" cookies. And Matty was happy as a clam. And he said, "this is way better than the birthday party and even though you have the forgets, I still love you."
Until, of course, I inevitably screw up again.
And how was your day?

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