Thursday, March 19, 2009


I think I have mentioned before how much I enjoy the show Intervention on A & E. If you don't watch this program, I highly recommend it. The premise is this; they convince some individual in the throes of serious addiction to participate in a documentary about their "issues" Usually the participants are pretty close to hitting bottom in whatever their drug of choice may be. What this person doesn't know is that their family is planning an intervention to try to get them to get into treatment. So for the first 45 minutes of the show, you watch this living breathing train wreck chug alcohol until they are barely breathing, shoot heroin, smoke meth or even huff canned air. Then in the last 15 minutes, they show you the intervention and you find out if they got into treatment. Finally, at the end they show you or tell you if the person stayed clean. It is just awesome TV. Watching this show is like watching a car accident, you can't turn away but you can't believe what you are seeing. The kooky girl huffing the canned air was the most whacked. She would go to the local Office Max and pick up a case of "dust off" and then sit in her living room doing hits of canned air. And after she huffed, she started speaking in tongues and stuff. Bizarre. The good news is, she got clean and sober and stayed that way. Not so for Cristy, the meth smoking stripper who lived in squallor and treated her entire family like garbage because she was so wasted all the time. Or the little southern woman who drank dozens of little nips of vodka each day. All I could think was, why not buy a gallon, ya know? But anyway, she got clean too. So bravo to her.
Why do I watch? Because it allows you to peer into another side of society. You see the demons that face the human race and I think I gain a better understanding of the shit that people are up against. The problem is, the drama is so raw and real, you can't help feeling so sorry for these people. I found myself praying for Christy the meth-head at church the other day. Go figure. So, if you ain't watching, I highly recommend it.
hey, wasn't this blog supposed to be about my half marathon quest.....
don't worry folks, I am still on the training plan, it's just not as much fun to talk about as canned air junkies. Am I right?

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