Monday, March 2, 2009

The countdown continues

Those of you who read this drivel on a regular basis have already heard about Girls Weekend and you know that I am really excited for it. Well folks, the time has come, Girls Weekend 2009 is only 4 short days away and I can't wait! I am more excited for GW09 this year than I have ever been. I think it's because it has been such a tough year. Between the economy, minor medical crises, family upheaval and work stress, I am sooooooooo ready to blow off some steam. And Eastover's Girls Weekend Away is the best way I know to do just that. Let me take you through the weekend's festivities so you too can appreciate the foolishness. It's important to understand that Eastover (or EO as we affectionately call it) is an "old timey" resort in Western Mass. It has a certain 1960's in the Catskills feel to it. It truly does remind me of Kellerman's. (You Dirty Dancing fans are getting that reference). During GW, the resort is open to women only, over 21 and all the activities are geared toward a fun girls weekend away. The resort is BYOB, so you can bring whatever you like to drink and it is socially acceptable to drink at any time. We start the weekend with Friday Happy Hour and Karaoke which is always a hoot. Then it's off to dinner in the dining room. The food at EO is mediocre to say the least, so it's best to stick with the salad bar and the pasta, anything else is a risk. But it doesn't really matter, we don't come for the food. After dinner, it's back to the "Heritage Club" for more revelry and dancing. There's also a "passion Party" where you can see all the latest in "marital aids." Always a riot.
Saturday always starts for us with Breakfast and then right on down to Bingo and bloody mary's. It's nice when the table of Octogenarians celebrating Myrtles' 80th birthday get angry with the Bingo caller and yell "Shake your balls" It happens every year.
Saturday is all about rest, relaxation, maybe a spa appointment or a nap. But at 4:00 PM on Saturday, we head on over to the Tally Ho club for "Striptease dance class" OMG. This is ridiculous. But it's the only exercise class I have ever been to where it is socially acceptable to bring a bottle of merlot. Now that's my kind of exercise! After Strip class, it's back up to the room for cocktails and laughs with the girls. Then Dinner and the scavenger hunt. Finally, dancing at the tally ho, where all the drunk women show off their striptease dance class moves.........poorly. Around 2 am, it's time to break into the indoor pool for a midnight swim. It's the best time to work out our synchronized swimming routine.

Sunday morning, is usually a final chance to have breakfast, hug, kiss, remember the laughs and then we all go our separate ways. Of course, the 5 hour ride home is filled with cell phone calls back and forth between cars as we slowly begin to remember foggy memories from the night before and we laugh all over again. The weekend is too short, and as soon as we get home, we start counting the days until next year when we get together and do it again.