Monday, March 9, 2009


Girls Weekend is over for another year. I drove home from Eastover yesterday all by myself, listening to the CD my dear friend Amy made me. Halfway through "I Say a Little Prayer for You" by Dionne Warwick (what can I say, we have eclectic taste) I got to thinking about the bonds women have with each other and why they are so critical. I have a number of amazing women who have come into my life and each has had such a major impact on me and who I am.
First there's Carrie, my oldest and dearest friend. I have always joked that if I were going to become a lesbian, I would want Carrie as my longtime companion, not because she turns me on, but merely because we finish each other's sentences. We see each other maybe twice a year, but when we get together, it's like we never left each other.
There's also my friend Susan, who I don't see much any more, and that really does break my heart. We just seemed to fall away from each other a bit. But I know if I really needed her, she would be here. She was the one person who really helped me pick up the pieces after my divorce and because of her, I am a different person. Better for being her friend.
Then, you have the girls at work Kerry and Bonnie who lift me up when I am down. It's weird to be friends with someone when your the boss, but we just make it work. We have our own version of team building and it usually ends at Grittys.
There's Amy, the only person who can make me laugh harder than Carrie. It helps that their sisters. She is so freaking funny and warm and thoughtful. When I grow up, I want to be like her and be crafty and clever enough to make "party pants" for everyone. Alas, that's not my calling.
There are so many more of these strong women in the picture for me. My dear friend Kris who I share my aspirations and my faith with. We have this special bond that makes it easier to get through the day. Tracey Bayer who convinced me I was beautiful when I was having my photograph taken and beginning to waiver with self doubt. Lisa my partner in crime on the Parent's Association who always gets the joke and thinks I am the funniest PTA President ever.
Oh crap, I could go on and on. But I started to wonder why it is that we women form these bonds with each other and become so close in a way that men can't. I think it's in the genes. So after spending the weekend with 13 of my dearest friends (some whom I had just met) I can tell you that we women have something pretty special. Only this crowd would have walked with me through such trying times....
...........suave cabana boys who were not a day over 16
............losing at bingo
.............A difficult bikini wax
..............Boudoir photos (don't ask)
..............A crappy Disc Jockey
.............Striptease dance class
..............Pelvic Floor Issues
................psychic readings
we laughed and hugged and had a fantastic time through it all because of the spirit of these strong and fabulous women. Of course......the vodka may have helped too, particularly with the bikini wax.

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Anonymous said...

Come on what about the part where you are all giggling and making out and stuff. How come you never talk about that?