Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, Rihanna is a big topic of discussion at my house lately. My girls, Kayleigh and Michaela are disgusted with Chris Brown and can't believe that Rihanna might be getting back together with him. Of course, I am right there in the discussion with them, this is an opportunity for a wonderful life lesson. Hitting is not ok, and if a man hits you once, he will likely hit you again. Yada, yada, yada, I sound like Oprah.
Today, the news came out that Chris Brown has withdrawn his name from contention for a "Kids Choice Award" which I suppose in the world of tweens and teens, this is like Brad Pitt taking his name out of Oscar contention. (Although this scenario would never happen to Brad, because Angelina would kick his ass). But anyway, THIS WAS BIG NEWS! So then the debate came up, should Nickelodeon have taken away his nomination once he was arrested, rather than waiting for him to withdraw. Yes, definitely, we all decided. Right on, consensus again. The life lessons keep humming along.
Then, my husband, foolish as he can be, remarked about a joke that he made in the car today about Rihanna, that he clearly found funny but the girls were obviously non-plussed. (I never got the details of the joke, because I was too busy getting disgusted with him for making a joke about the topic) But you know what? His stupid joke actually punctuated the life lesson. The fact that me and the girls were irritated with him and his ridiculous joke once again confirmed the gravity of such a situation. The Life Lessons are flying a mile a minute here at Parker's Nest. So what did we learn today......?????
1. Chris Brown is a scumbag
2. Rihanna is a moron if she takes him back
3. My husband who I love more than anything, makes stupid jokes that can step over the line
4. My girls are very wise and know right from wrong.

all in all---not too shabby
I wonder what we will learn from Paris Hilton tomorrow :-)

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