Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cough Due to Cold......Can you OD on Nyquil?

I have a cold. A nasty, phleghmy, disgusting cold. I feel achy and tired and just want to sleep. So, last night, I took a nice double shot of Nyquil and had just fallen asleep when the phone rang. It was work. A call from work at 9:30 Pm on a Friday night is never a good thing. Apparently, there were "technical issues" on second shift. Now, I am usually very responsive to these types of things, but when you are working the Nyquil haze, it's hard to be articulate and make key decisions. I was a total moron on the phone. It took me about 10 freaking minutes to figure out what they were telling me and probably another 10 minutes to figure out who I was talking to. When I finally got the message of what was going on, somehow, I pulled the solution out of my ass and saved the day despite my medicinal impediment. I am quite proud of myself. But this morning, I actually had a bit of a Nyquil hangover where I had to ask myself......."did that really happen or did I dream it." Consider yourself warned. That Nyquil is heavy duty stuff.
Have I mentioned that I haven't been on the treadmill in 3 days? My training plan is on hiatus until I can kick this cold. Maybe a bit more Nyquil is in order......hmmmmm.

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Marker said...

You could have spiced this one up with a bit of Arial talk.