Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am finally starting to feel better. My husband fired up the humidifier in our room last night and it was downright tropical in our bedroom. I felt like I was in the Congo or something, but, it surely worked because the congestion seems to be clearing and I can finally hold my head up for longer than a few minutes. Thank Goodness! So, on to other things. Since I had to "take to my bed" due to illness ,I have been unable to train. And though I have missed the treadmill greatly (not!) I have had plenty of quality time with my good friend, FACEBOOK. After wasting hours on this thing for the last several days, I can truly say that FACEBOOK really does bring people together in so many ways. I have outlined some of them for you here so you can see how wonderful (and miraculously random) Facebook is....

1. I have started up a wonderful renewed friendship with one of my dear friends from high school who has long sinced moved south the warmer weather (bitch.) But seriously, it's amazing how much we still have in common since we have both changed so much. We share a love of distance running, family and the tv show, "Intervention" Weird
2. I now talk to my brother more than I ever did before. We never speak on the phone (i hate the telephone) so we only catch up when we get together at Jer and Ar's for holidays and such. Now I know what he's doing most weekends and I get to see pictures of his adorable kids on a regular basis "BONUS"
3. I have connected with many old high school friends and some of their memories make me chuckle. For instance, one of my jr. high boyfriends was kind enough to remind me of the time that he "felt me up" in the 7th grade. Now that's just a hoot.
4. I have found other common ground as well. I have joined some great Facebook groups such as the "Moms who sometimes have to go out with their girlfriends and drink Secret Society" and the "I'm addicted Intervention" group. How fabulous is that?
5. And finally, my husband is enjoying Facebook too. Last night, as we sat next to each other on the bed, almost touching. He lovingly posted a message asking me for a bowl of ice cream. How romantic! I can't wait to see what he posts on my wall for valentine's day :-)

But seriously, I really am loving Facebook. Sure, it's a humongous time sponge and a colossal waste of energy, but what else am I going to do? Cook nutritious meals for my family, talk to my kids about their day? I think not. (just kidding)
Gotta go, I think I need to post a group message for my friends in the "Billy Mays Why are you Yelling At Me" Support Group.
Have a good one.

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Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

Love your blog keep it up.
Not sure about faces me be I'll get it some day.
Unlike you I can talk on the phone and like it.
But I don't have work calling me!
Glad your felling better.
Donna is not eating Ice cream and lost 20 pounds!