Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who loves ya?

Last night, at my children's school we attended a Prayer Service and Spaghetti Dinner. Obviously, my kids go to Catholic School, because if it was public school, we wouldn't be praying, we would be meditating or something silly like that. Anyway, at the prayer service, they had the children present their families with letters thanking their parents for all they do. Well, our letter from our nine year old made me laugh and cry all at the same time. She thanked me for "making cookies" and "giving her breaks from her little brother." She also thanked me for being patient. But she was most thankful for the fact that I "let her take long showers." Wow, that's random. She thanked Mark for challenging her to do things that may be scary and for being tough on her about her homework.
This letter was a revelation for me, because it dawned on me that kids really appreciate the big things and little things that you do and nothing is insignificant to them. I started to think about this as the prayer service continued and I admit, I started to get pretty emotional. Then, they called each of the families up one at a time so Father Sheehan could "bless the family" It was really special and reminded me how lucky I am, despite any challenges I might have. This made me realize that I am already truly blessed and I need to remember that rather than dwelling on the negative. So that's what I'm gonna do. every day.

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k said...

I missed where you dwell on negative ...