Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Super Jill!!!!

Last night, I worked late. I didn't leave work until about 7:00 and it had been a really crappy week. My friend Kris and I decided to go out for a glass of wine since we were both a bit frazzled from the week. At about 8:30, I headed out of Lewiston for home. It was pouring rain so the ride was a little slow going. There were these huge puddles because of the snow banks on the side of the road, so the rain had nowhere to go. I decided to take a different way home last night because I figured the side roads would be really awful, better to take the main road.
I had just called Mark to tell him that I was on my way home. I was listening to "piano jazz' on the radio (don't ask me why- I never listen to piano jazz) and I really wasn't thinking about anything when all of a sudden the car in front of me slammed on the brakes.
I hit the brakes and slowed way down and then I saw them. Two adorable basset hounds running down the middle of the busy road. There was now a line of 10 cars that had slowed down since these dogs were running all over the road. I pulled over along with two other cars, the rest of the cars still backed up behind us. I got out and called the dogs and they came running to me. I immediately put them in the jeep and smiled at every driver who now drove by and glared at me, thinking they were my dogs and that I had caused this traffic snafu. The woman in the car in front of me came walking over and asked me if I needed help with finding their owners. I told her I was fine and that I was going to go to a parking lot where I could check their tags and see where they belonged. Meanwhile "Marley" (that's what the tag said) and his pal (no tag) were romping about my jeep, soaking wet.
After getting to a safe spot, I checked Marley's tag and called the phone number listed. It rolled right to the answering machine, so I called Mark and asked him to "mapquest" the address so I could find it. It turns out these little wet smelly hounds were about a mile from home. I drove to the street (aided by my personal gps -mark) and as I turned down their street, I saw a truck driving by and I heard the woman yelling for "Marley." I pulled over and yelled out that I had them. Well, you know what happened next, a tearfilled family reunion. Apparently my furry friends had somehow gotten out of the backyard. Their owners said they had never gotten out before so they knew they would be in a lot of danger. (Running down 196 on a rainy Friday night-yup that's danger)
As I got back on the road to head home, I felt like a superhero! This one 30 minute episode totally changed my perspective on the week. What a great way to end the week. Sure, the jeep still smells like wet dog but who cares? I am still basking in the warmth of my "good samaritan" effort. It feels great!

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