Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ultimate IPOD Playlist

Miraculously, I have been able to get out and run, not once, but twice this weekend. Sure, it was cold (27 degrees brrrrr) but to get out and get some fresh air on a sunny, albeit chilly Saturday in February is altogether something special. I bundled up the layers, charged up the IPOD and headed out. So, while I was ambling through Bowdoinham, I got to thinking about the songs on my ipod. Those of you who spend time on Facebook know that I have already declared "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock one of the greatest running songs of all time. But, there's more to the story. When you think of it, the songs on the ipod are the soundtrack of your life. There are tunes that bring you right back to a certain place and time as if it were yesterday. I have had the chance to glance at other people's Ipods and it never ceases to amaze me what an eclectic mix of music most people have. I love seeing someone who has a playlist with Megadeth and Manilow back to back. That's my kinda music fan. Anyone who can appreciate Guns and Roses along with Neil Diamond gets the point of the music. It's about place and time. A memory of something great, or horrible, or romantic or heartbreaking. Whatever it is, the song always takes us back. Armed with this self realization (all in a 45 minute run) I came back and immediately started to think of what my soundtrack would be. If they ever decided to produce, "Jill Parker, the Musical" what songs would be on the soundtrack? Here's what I came up with.

1. Crocodile Rock--I remember hearing this song as a kid and thinking it was really cool. (Age 6--just figuring out what Music could do)
2. The Night Chicago Died--It was on a K-Tel "Believe in Music" Album my parents had and I loved it! (Age 10)
3. You Shook Me All Night Long--My first real makeout session was to this song, with Scott Evans at Shelley Wolfe's Birthday Party. No offense to Dr. Evans, but he was a sloppy kisser. (Age 12)
4. This Christmas I Spend with You- This was a Robert Goulet song on the greatest Holiday Album ever. (This is the soundtrack to every christmas of my childhood)
5. Wide Awake in America by U2- Shelffo and I listened to this song every morning in the skyfart on the way to High School
6. Sweet Caroline- Sung way too many drunken nights in College at Maggie's Bar at Syracuse. Explains why I never finished.
7. Island by Jimmy Buffett- I spent the summers after college at "Great Woods" in Massachusetts for the Annual Labor Day Weekend Show
8. Friends in Low Places- This kind of explains my first marriage
9. At Last- This really explains my second marriage (and it was my wedding song)
10. Start the Commotion by the WiseGuys--This was the pinnacle of my Beach 2 Beacon Playlist when I ran my first 10K and proved that I could be a runner
11. Everything- By Michael Buble--Says it all about where I am in my relationship with my husband
12. AM Radio by Everclear--A favorite sing along song for the Parker's (my kids love this song, especially my five year old.)
13. Don't Worry Bout a Thing--By Shedaisy. This is the quintissential song for my life right now.

So how bout you? What's on your playlist? Is it the soundtrack to your life? Mine sure is.
Come to think of it, I think there's a few others I need to download.

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