Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, today is my mom's birthday. I just spoke with her about an hour ago and the kids got on and wished her a happy birthday and all that. I think she's over the whole issue from yesterday when I didn't tell her about my heart "aches." Although she did ask if there was anything new and had to throw in, "you haven't been to the hospital today have you?" What can I say, "wiseass" runs in my family.

Anyway, my friend Suz posted a note on my wall today asking about my parents. The exact quote was, "they are the best, they always made you feel good being around them." As I think about my mom today on her birthday, Suz's comment is so right on. They are really the best. I remember when I was in high school, my friends always loved being at my house. Everybody loved Jer and Ar and they still do. I am pretty lucky.

My friend Carrie's mom is currently in the hospital and we are all praying for her. Carrie's mom "Mare" was another mom in High School that we all loved to be around. She was funny and smart and when you went to Carrie's it was so fun to sit on the couch with Mare and BS. She was and still is a howl. All the best Mare, we're sending a lot of word up to the "big guy" to watch over you.

What can I say, another heavy blog post, I guess I am just way to freaking introspective these days. So, here's the final word
Happy Birthday ArlyDen
Get Well Mare
Lighten Up Jilly!

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Amy said...

Ditto on Arlene...I think Tina Turner said it best, she's "simply the best". I never met two people more in love with life and each other. You're a lucky girl, Jilly.