Friday, January 2, 2009

Foolish choices


So, I got up this morning with the best intentions. Start the day with a nice bowl of Special K and a banana (just like all the women in Shape Magazine). One major problemo-no milk. Oh, ok, toast is good, but then I have this great semolina bread, which tastes great toasted and slathered with butter. One meal out the window.

Next, I head out to take my 5 year old for a haircut and run some errands. I promise myself that I will have a salad for lunch. Next thing you know, I am chowing down on Steak Tips and a baked potato at Longhorn. What the hell is the matter with me?
I tried on bathing suits for Cancun this morning. That was a nightmare. I look like a sausage in every single one of them. I might just be wearing that mu-mu in Mexico. You would think that would be enough to keep my hands off the sour cream, but all evidence is to the contrary.
So tonight, I am going to do 45 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes of yoga. At least I can keep moving even if I have the crappiest resolve on the planet.
what's a girl to do.

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