Thursday, January 22, 2009

My heart! It's not about valentines day!

A day in the emergency room. Not my idea of a perfect day. But when your heart starts to feel like it's being squeezed and you have a family history of heart trouble, you head to the er and strap in. That was my day yesterday. Blood work. Cat Scan. Stress Test. Rest easy, my ticker is fine, a bit inflamed but fine. I met with a cardiologist, the lovely Dr. McCann. She gave me the wake up call. Get fit now Jill. Or end up back on the stress test treadmill again real soon. Key objectives; lose weight, cut stress, don't smoke. Seems simple doesn't it. Ah but life is never so simple. But, I am going to heed the good doctor's advice and get serious about this stuff. I turn 40 in 196 days! My half marathon is 122 days away. The time is now. But first, a nap.......

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