Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crossroads--not just a Clapton Song

There are times in a person's life when they reach a major crossroads. And I am not talking about a "should I buy the storebrand or the Sara Lee Deli ham?" kind of crossroads. I am talking about a major, life altering event that will have repercussions for years to come. Now, I am a firm believer in the "everything happens for a reason" credo and I think that sometimes bad things happen so that great things may follow. Therefore, I am viewing my current work/life/health situation as an opportunity and a challenge rather than a burden.

I look at it this way, I have a fantastic husband who rocks my world, three great kids (who drive me insane), good friends, great family and a strong belief in God that will get me through anything that life dishes out. I think about my friend Amanda, whose 3 and 1/2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. I know that her faith will guide her as she deals with the next harrowing weeks, months and maybe even years. She will be supported by the positive things in her life to get her through such a difficult time. For some odd reason, that gives me comfort as I deal with issues that in comparison to Amanda's challenges, seem so freaking trivial. God gives us only what we can handle and often times on the other side of the storm there's bright sunshine and peace. I pray that Amanda finds that. I pray that I find it too.

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