Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girls Weekend

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to gear up for girls weekend. Several times a year, Eastover Resort in the Berkshires hold "Girls Weekend Away" No men allowed. Our little group has been going for several years now and it's always a hoot. There's a core group of about six of us and then we always have a few newbies who are recruited into the group each year. So what happens at girls weekend? I know my husband would like to imagine that we all sit around in our underwear and have pillow fights while drinking champagne in some perverted fantasy, but it couldn't be farther from the truth.
First, Eastover is not exactly the Four Seasons. It's what you might call Rustic with a certain Bates motel charm. It's a series of buildings on a sprawling piece of property so there's a lot of walking outside in the freezing cold to get where you want to go. But that's ok, because you are virtually always carrying a cocktail. I don't care if it's 8:30 in the morning, you just need to drink. The place is BYOB and it's a total scream to see all these women walking from the dining room to the horseback riding stable or the bingo hall, pulling along there little coleman coolers.

The whole weekend is filled with silly activities like Karaoke, Scavenger hunts, Tarot Card Readings, Bingo etc. Anything that can be done while still drinking a glass of merlot.
There are self help classes and group exercise, but again, that's not really the point. The closest I ever got to exercise at Eastover was Striptease class which was an absolute hoot. But the best thing about Girls Weekend is the laughs our group of ten always has. There are usually hundreds of ridiculous memorable moments (many we forget because of aforementioned merlot). So, from the home office in Lenox Mass, here are the top 5 Eastover Moments

5. When the woman who was getting ready to teach the "organize your life" seminar showed up 10 minutes late, having just had a pedicure and still walking with the toe separators in and a butt hanging out of her mouth. (Like I said, EO is a bit lowbrow)
4. When Carrie won the George M. Bisacca Woman of the Year award for her fine legal work that she does despite the fact that she has no formal legal training
3. When the 75 year old woman showed us her freshly airbrushed tattoo, consisting of a shamrock on her breast that said, "Frank's Bitch."
2. When Amy came walking into the indoor pool area rolling the cooler and wiped out and sent beer and margarita fixings flying (you had to be there)
And finally, the number one memory
1. At the end of the weekend, after I had been given the "I'm a Good Eater" Award for my voracious appetite and on the way home, I forgot I was wearing the ribbon as I ordered a Big Mac Extra Value Meal and the clerk just assumed I wanted to supersize. (Mortifying but hilarious.)

Girls Weekend is only 30 days away. And I can't wait.

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k said...

And one of my person favorites, it the whole concept of "STAY LOW" and seeing it in action. You can't quite explain it.